Classes for babies from 3-6 months old

Dynamic and fun classes to help to support your baby's development and wellbeing.

From around 3 months you may notice that your baby is more interested in the world around them and they are beginning to gain more control over their bodies. Baby Massage and Baby Yoga are a wonderful way to help to support your baby’s development and their increasing interest in the world around them. We also have a range of workshops to support you and baby through teething, weaning and sleep issues. 


Our most nurturing course. We take the very best of baby massage and baby yoga and entwine it with support, knowledge and advice. Each week we follow a different theme and show you different ways you can support your baby. Babies receive a personalised hooded towel and tote bag and there are lots of other lovely goodies throughout the course.
Suitable for babies from 6 weeks - 6 months

Baby Massage Love Foundations

A lovely welcoming class for those who can't commit to a 5 or 6 week course. Pay as you go classes offer full flexibility for you and baby. Each week you will learn how to confidently and safely massage a different body part. Suitable for babies from 6 weeks - crawling

Little Chicks Baby Yoga

A wonderful class for both mum and baby. Baby Yoga, gentle stretches and relaxation for mums coupled with knowledge, support and advice.
Suitable for babies from 4-12 months

Baby Yoga

Perfectly supporting your baby's development. Babies experience a wide range of stretches, movements and balances to help build flexibility, strength, body awareness and balance in a fun and baby led environment.
Suitable for babies from 3-12 months.

Postnatal Classes

A chance for a little bit of you time. Pilates classes can help you to recover during the postnatal period in a safe and gentle way.
Virginie is a level 3 mat body control pilates teacher with years of experience.

Babies are very welcome to come and either lay on the mat with you or play in our baby safe play area.
Suitable from when you have been given the ok for exercise from your GP. Babies are very welcome until they are speedy crawling.

Teething, weaning and sleep workshops.

Supportive workshops to guide and support you and baby through teething, weaning and sleep issues.