Hatchlings Support, Nurture and Baby Massage Course

A beautifully nurturing baby massage course to help to support you and your baby through the early months.

Our Hatchlings course is suitable for babies from 6 weeks-5 months

Our January courses are full. Waiting lists are open for February

Our Hatchlings Baby Massage course helps to to feel empowered and supported as a new parent. I guide and support you through those early months with your new baby, helping you to feel confident, and equipped with a wonderful toolbox of ways to calm, play and connect with your baby as well as some tips on helping you through trickier times. 

Our classes aren’t just about baby and there is plenty of time for mums to chat and have some relaxation time. 

Our Hatchlings classes teach you how to use baby massage and baby yoga to support your baby through some common ailments, including tummy troubles, teething and colds and congestion. We also look at how you can support your baby’s development and how baby massage can improve sleeping patterns.

As well as being a baby massage and Yoga instructor I am also a qualified Maternity Nurse, Gentle Sleep Consultant, Weaning Consultant and I hold a OCN qualification on Colic, reflux and allergies. I am also a mum of 2 lovely daughters and I am here to support you through this wonderful but sometimes daunting journey with your baby.

On joining a Hatchlings Course you will be invited to join a WhatsApp group with the other families in your group. A fantastic way to support each other and meet for much needed coffee and cake.

What's included?

The Hatchlings Support, Nurture and Baby Massage Course

Please see below the outline of our Hatchlings Course. Each week we cover a new topic which will include some advice and information on current guidelines, baby massage and movements for baby and a handout to take home. 

Each class is 90 minutes in length and refreshments and time to chat are included at the end of each class. 

 Week 1 – Welcome and introductions

Infant Mental wellbeing and how you are growing your baby’s brain with love. 

Introduction to Baby Massage. 

 Baby Massage for the legs and feet

Refreshments, biscuits and relaxation techniques for mums.

Week 2 – Happy Tummies

Your baby’s digestive system, how it works and why babies can sometimes experience tummy troubles.

What is colic, possible causes, available treatments and ways to help. 

Winding techniques.

Baby Massage to help ease tummy troubles and colic.

When to seek help. 

Refreshments, biscuits and sensory play for babies.

Week 3 – Teething Help

The signs of teething, teething myths and ways to help. 

Available teething remedies and their differences.

Facial massage and baby reflexology to help ease teething pain. 

Design and make your own silicone bead teething necklace (All materials are provided by us). 

Refreshments, biscuits and tummy time play for babies

Week 4 – Baby Sleep

What does normal infant sleep look like and why the advice differs so much. 

Building a relaxing bedtime routine for your baby

Gentle ways to encourage healthy sleep habits. 

Full body massage for babies to help promote sleep. 

Refreshments, biscuits and tips for parents to help with sleep deprivation

Week 5 – Colds and Congestion

Ways to help your baby with a cold and congestion. 

When to seek help

Massage for the face, chest and back to help ease congestion

Refreshments, biscuits and play for babies.

Week 6 – Relaxation

Full body massage routine for baby to promote deep relaxation

Guided relaxation for parents

Week 7 – Baby Play and Baby Development

Developmental Milestones and why every baby meets them at a different age. 

Ways to make tummy time fun

Communicating with your baby

Brain Gym to boost brain development

Gentle Introduction to Baby Yoga. 

When, Where and your investment

Upcoming Course Dates

Our January courses are now full. Waiting list is open for February. Classes are held at our own studio next to Hersham Train Station, 

Our 7 Week Hatchlings course costs £87.50. This includes a beautiful personalised towel, a bottle of organic baby massage oil, everything you need to make a silicone bead teething necklace, refreshments and handouts each week. You will also receive 10% discount on all Tiddley Pom baby spa products.