Teething Tactics Workshops

Empowering parents to support their baby with teething

During your baby’s first 3 years they will gain 20 new teeth. For some babies the process of teething is painless and the teeth show themselves without causing much other. Other babies will find the process more uncomfortable and they may feel unsettled, off their food, not sleep as well or just be unhappy. 

We know that as parents it can be hard to see your baby experience discomfort and that there is also a lot of conflicting information out there on signs of teething and ways to help. 

Our teething tactics workshop has been designed to help you to feel empowered to support your baby with teething. 

What happens during a teething workshop?

We start the teething workshop by talking about what teething is, the signs, ways you can help and common teething myths. Lots of parents have said that its hard to be able to identify if their baby is teething and when it is appropriate to use teething remedies. We cover all of this in our workshop. 

We then move onto designing and making your own silicone bead teething necklace. We have a large range of silicone beads for you to choose from. They are BPA and lead free. They are also safety tested and UK sourced. 

Whilst you are designing and making your necklace your baby is welcome to play with some of our sensory toys or they can join you at the table. 

Being creative is thirsty work. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided throughout the workshop. 

Once you have made your necklace we end the workshop with baby massage to help soothe sore gums. 

Each parent is given a booklet to take home.