About me

Hi, I’m Kayleigh and I’m a mum to two lovely daughters, 3 year old Amelie and 6 month old Cora. 

Although my birth with Amelie was a “good” birth on paper in the weeks and months that followed something was niggling at me. Certain things had happened to me without my consent and I hadn’t felt empowered enough to state my wishes or to question things. 

After speaking to friends who had babies my feelings were not unique. I knew that if I were to ever have another baby I would want a completely different experience and that I wanted all women to have a positive birthing experience. 

I started to do some research on what courses were available to women and their families and came across The Natal Family and MummyNatal. This sounded perfect but there wasn’t a course in my area. There was only one thing for it and in March 2016 I contacted them to enquire about training to be a teacher. 

I feel very passionately that a women should be supported to have the most positive birthing experience possible, whatever that may look like to that individual woman.

In January 2018 I gave birth to my second daughter Cora. I had a wonderful birth and feel very grateful for the benefits of MummyNatal.

A few of the mums who had attended MummyNatal had asked me if I did baby classes and if not would I consider doing them. I remember going to classes with Amelie and how nervous I felt and I knew that if I ever taught my own classes creating  warm and welcoming environment was at the top of my list. 

 Baby Massage started in April 2017 and Baby Yoga in August 2017 and I have loved teaching them and getting to know lots of lovely families on the way. 

My baby classes are relaxed and baby led. The babies cry, and sometimes the mums cry but we enjoy the special time together each week and get to chat after class over a large slice of cake and a cup of tea.