Baby Weaning Workshops

Baby Weaning Workshops are suitable from a few months before you plan to start introducing solid food to your baby 

Introducing solid food to your baby can be a fun an exciting time. We also know that it can be a daunting time with lots of conflicting information and from people telling you how they think you should be introducing solid food to your baby. 

At The Nurtured Nest we believe that you are the expert when it comes to your baby. Our baby weaning workshops have been designed to take the confusion out of weaning. We present you with all of the information and the facts in a clear and easy to understand way and then leave you to make the best decisions for your family. 

What to expect

Our weaning workshops are taught by a qualified maternity nurse and starting solids facilitator. 

The baby weaning workshops are 2 hours long and include time for questions. 

At The Nurtured Nest we believe that Introducing solids is another developmental phase, similar to sitting or crawling, and that every baby reaches the stage of readiness in their own time. We help you to understand the signs that your baby may be ready for solid food and then the different ways you can introduce solid food to your baby. 

We look at portion sizes, presenting food, safe preparation and cautions.  There are a huge range of weaning products on the market and we look at what you actually need.

You will leave the workshop feeling confident and excited about your baby’s weaning journey.