Baby Classes

Baby Classes

Age appropriate, developmental and fun

We have a range of wonderful baby classes to support your little one from birth – 3 years. As they develop and grow we are with you at every stage, providing you with well researched and fun classes.

If you aren’t sure which class is best suited to your little one please send me an email to and I will be happy to help.

Booking is open for January classes

The links below will take you straight to more information about classes for your baby’s age. 


Baby classes for 0-5 months

Our Hatchlings Baby Massage course helps to to feel empowered and supported as a new parent.

We guide and support you through those early weeks with your new baby, helping you to feel confident, and equipped with a wonderful toolbox of ways to calm, play and connect with your baby.

You can join a Hatchlings Baby Massage course from when your little one is 6 weeks old. Most babies enjoy baby massage until they are rolling back to front.

During your Hatchlings course you will learn a full body baby massage routine. Massage can help to soothe sore tummies, ease teething pain and colds and promote sleep. It also provides you and baby with some wonderful bonding time. Each Hatchling will receive a personalised hooded towel and a bottle of organic baby massage oil. After Baby Massage Mums will have the time to relax with a drink of their choice and a biscuit. There will be plenty of opportunities to relax with some very gentle postnatal stretches. You will also receive some treats along the way, including the materials to make your own teething necklace.

Little Owls

Sensory Baby Classes from 6 weeks - crawling

Our Little Owls sensory classes are suitable for babies from 6 weeks old until they start crawling

Little Owls has been designed to compliment our Hatchlings and Nestlings Baby Development Classes. We use light displays, baby massage, baby yoga, sensory scarves, shakers, and our covid safe ‘parachute’ hoops to transport your baby on a wonderful sensory experience each week. The class ends with a sleep promoting reflexology routine. 

Each class is 45 minutes long with 30 minutes being dedicated to babies and 15 to parents to have a cuppa and a biscuit.  


Little Owls can be booked alongside one of our Hatchlings or Nestlings classes or can be joined as stand alone course. 

We also have our teeny owls classes which are an adapted version of our Little Owls classes designed for newborns for 0-5 months.



Baby Classes for 4 months - crawling

Nestlings classes support baby as they leave the newborn period and start to explore the world around them.

Once your baby has good head control, around 16 weeks they can join Nestlings.

Centred around Baby Yoga, It focuses heavily on the importance of tummy time in a fun and gentle way. Baby Yoga helps to support coordination, proprioceptive awareness, balance and strength. Early sensory play ideas stimulate babies brain and boosts communication skills.

Nestlings Baby Classes provide a calm, expertly designed environment that won’t overstimulate your baby.

We gently support your baby’s development as they start to roll and move. Once your baby is on the move and crawling they may enjoy our Chicks class.


Classes for babies from Crawling -wobbly walking

Our Little Chicks Classes are perfect for babies who want to move, move, move. Once your little one has mastered the art of tummy time and is rolling it’s time to consider the next steps in their learning journey.

They now need a class that provides them with the space to move and explore-yet still has that element of one to one time and connection with their parent.

Our Chicks classes use baby yoga to support your baby’s physical development-from a new crawler all the way through to a wobbly walker.

We encourage language and communication skills to flourish, by using familiar action songs, stories, heuristic treasure baskets and props to support sequencing in the brain (which is actually vital for milestones like potty training!)

Messy, sensory play experiences to encourage your baby to explore and learn.

Our Chicks Baby Classes provide a sensory rich, safe environment for your baby to develop and grow

Peacocks Art Classes

Classes for Toddlers from 1-3 years

Our Art classes give little ones the opportunity to explore art in a fun and safe way.

Each week we explore a different theme through creative art, sensory play and messy play. Your little one will experience a range of different techniques and mediums in a fun and safe way. Each week you will get to make something beautiful to take home.

Our classes include crafts, sensory play, messy play, songs and dancing.

Our Autumn term is themed around stories and each week we will explore a story through sensory play, art, songs and props.

Art classes are suitable for babies from 12 months – 3 years