Peacocks Art Classes

Helping little ones to unleash their creativity

Booking is open for January classes

Art classes support your toddlers natural inquisitiveness as they explore through a variety of mediums, craft, sensory and messy play. 

Each week we explore a new theme through, books, poems, songs and sensory play.  

In addition to creative play babies will make a beautiful masterpiece to take home each week. 

Classes are suitable for toddlers from 1-3 years old

What happens in a Peacocks Art Class?

Stories and Songs

We start the class by opening our discovery bag to reveal this weeks theme. We then enjoy a story, song or poem together. 

Craft Making Time

It’s then time to get busy and start making our craft for the week. Toddlers are encouraged to get stuck in with the activity. 

Process Art

The process is just as important as the finished product. Each week we explore some process art. Allowing little ones full creative reign as they explore different colours and mediums. 

Song Time

We enjoy a few songs whilst we are waiting for our crafts to dry. These are always linked to the theme and are lots of fun. 

The Masterpieces

Each week you will make a beautiful craft that you can take home

Key information

Peacocks Art classes are suitable for toddlers from 1-3 years

Classes are held in our own dedicated studio, right next door to Hersham Train Station. 

Every parent and baby has their own ‘pod’ for the duration of the class. Each pod is just shy of 1.5 x 1.5 and is 2 meters away from the next pod. 

You will receive your own basket of props to use in the class. These are single use and are cleaned thoroughly in between classes. 

Each class is 45 minutes long.