Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far into my pregnancy can I join a MummyNatal course or attend a Couples Antenatal Workshop?

A: You can join a MummyNatal course at any time in your pregnancy. Many mums join us sometime in their second trimester as the skills and techniques we teach become easier with practice. Some mums choose to wait until closer to when they are due and also find that they really benefit from the course. You can also attend a Couples Antenatal Workshop at any time in your pregnancy but you may find that you remember more of the information if you wait until the second half of your pregnancy to attend. 

Q: Can I attend more than one MummyNatal course?

A: Yes! Many mums join us for more than one term. The skills and techniques we teach are can be build upon and you may find that they become easier with practice.

Q: I’ve booked a course but can’t attend. Is my payment refundable?

A:Unfortunately not as I have had a reserve a space on the course for you which has prevented someone else from booking. Where possible I will try to transfer you to another course. In exceptional cases I may be able to offer you a refund. Please contact me if this is the case. 

Q: I’ve missed a class of my 6 week MummyNatal class. What should I do?

A: Don’t worry, we build upon our techniques each week so if you miss a week its highly likely that it will be covered in the following week. I can also send over any key information from the missed class and you are welcome to ask me any questions. Alternatively you can book a private class to make up the missed class. This is at an additional cost to the course cost. Please contact me for more information.