Nestlings Baby Yoga and Development Classes

Booking is open for January classes

Nestlings Baby Yoga classes support baby as they leave the newborn period and start to explore the world around them.

Once your baby has good head control, around 16 weeks they can join Nestlings.

Centred around Baby Yoga, It focuses heavily on the importance of tummy time in a fun and gentle way. Baby Yoga helps to support coordination, proprioceptive awareness, balance and strength. Early sensory play ideas stimulate babies brain and boosts communication skills.

Nestlings Baby Classes provide a calm, expertly designed environment that won’t overstimulate your baby.

We gently support your baby’s development as they start to roll and move. Once your baby is on the move and crawling they may enjoy our Chicks class.

What happens in a Nestlings Baby Yoga Class?

Take a look at our video of a Nestlings Baby Yoga Class to find out more. 

*This video was made before social distancing*

Nestlings Baby Yoga classes naturally support your baby’s development and help them to gain the skills needed for rolling, sitting and crawling. Babies experience a range of stretches, movements and activities to help maintain flexibility, build a strong core, develop their vestibular system and help with coordination. 

Each week has a different focus, including tummy time, brain and body integration, vestibular development and more. 

Our Nestlings classes are very relaxed and gently paced. Classes are baby led and we invite you to take a break whenever you feel you need one. 

You can join Nestlings Baby Yoga from 16 weeks and your little one can stay with us until they start crawling. Once your little one is crawling they might enjoy our Chicks class.

We also offer an Advanced Nestlings class. This class is for those who have already completed a Nestlings term or for babies who are solidly sitting. If you aren’t sure what class is suitable for your little one pop me an email to

Looking for a sensory class to compliment your development class? You might enjoy our Little Owls class. 


"The classes are packed full of songs, movement, relaxation and lots of treats for Mum and baby"

My little one and I have both loved all the classes. Kayleigh is very relaxed and the classes are informal and friendly but she is extremely knowledgeable too and full of bits of information on how babies tick! The classes are packed full of songs, movement, relaxation and lots of treats for Mum and baby. I feel I have found some new Mum friends and spent some quality time with my little one too. If you are in doubt as to whether to give Kayleigh's classes a try - do!
Alex and barney