Nestlings Sensory Baby Yoga

Development classes for babies from 3/4 months – crawling

Our one hour class will transport you and your baby on a new sensory baby yoga adventure each week.

You can expect a magical hour of twinkly lights, sensory props and fun activities to support your baby’s development. 

We know how important support and friendship is in the first year of your baby’s life and so each week we set aside some time for hot drinks and biscuits. We have a selection of luxury drinks including cappuccinos a selection of tea’s and hot chocolate.

Classes end with a reflexology routine to help babies to relax after a busy class and to promote sleep. 

What makes Nestlings Sensory Baby Yoga classes so unique?

Our Nestlings Classes have been designed to perfectly support the development of pre crawling babies. Classes use elements of baby yoga which helps to support development of balance, body awareness and coordination, as well as helping babies to maintain their natural flexibility and build strength. We support babies as they master the skills of rolling, sitting and crawling. 

Classes are set to a backdrop of twinkly lights designed to gently stimulate baby. Sensory play supports cognitive development and understanding the world around them. 

Each week there is hot drinks and biscuits for parents and classes end with a relaxing reflexology routine. 

Nestlings Sensory Baby Yoga is suitable for babies from 3/4 months until active crawling. Once your baby is on the move they may enjoy our Chicks class. 

"The classes are packed full of songs, movement, relaxation and lots of treats for Mum and baby"

My little one and I have both loved all the classes. Kayleigh is very relaxed and the classes are informal and friendly but she is extremely knowledgeable too and full of bits of information on how babies tick! The classes are packed full of songs, movement, relaxation and lots of treats for Mum and baby. I feel I have found some new Mum friends and spent some quality time with my little one too. If you are in doubt as to whether to give Kayleigh's classes a try - do!
Alex and barney