Baby Yoga Classes

6 Week Baby Yoga Course. Our Baby Yoga classes engage babies senses through movement, song and sensory play. Adults benefit from gentle stretching, breath work and relaxation. 

Our Baby Yoga classes are suitable from 12 weeks until 12 months. If your baby is younger then 12 weeks they may enjoy our Baby Massage Classes.

Our Baby Yoga classes are held in Walton-on-Thames and Chertsey, Surrey.

Booking is now open for Feb/March courses

"The classes are packed full of songs, movement, relaxation and lots of treats for Mum and baby"

I never did Baby massage or yoga with my first little boy, so when my second came along and my older one was at school I thought it was time to try some new, just the two of us. I had come across Nurtured Nest by accident on Facebook and followed Kayleigh for a while and everything always sounded so nice and well organised so I eventually decided to take the plunge and give it a go. I couldn't be happier that I did. I did a half term of combined and a second half of baby yoga with a bit of sensory. My little one and I have both loved all the classes. Kayleigh is very relaxed and the classes are informal and friendly but she is extremely knowledgeable too and full of bits of information on how babies tick! The classes are packed full of songs, movement, relaxation and lots of treats for Mum and baby. I have no idea how she finds the time to bake but Kayleigh always brings the most delicious homemade cakes that are available with a big pot of tea and a chance to chat and relax afterwards. I feel I have found some new Mum friends and spent some quality time with my little one too. If you are in doubt as to whether to give Kayleigh's classes a try - do!!
Alex and barney

Bonding with your baby

Our Baby Yoga Classes promote bonding on many levels. from positive touch, breath work, singing, sensory play and relaxation. A special time to look forward to each week

Gentle stretches for mums

We incorporate some gentle stretches into each class. We know that pregnancy and caring for a baby can be taxing on your body so we focus mums as well as babies. 

Classes also include breathing practice and relaxations to help ease any tensions.

There is no fitness level required for the class but you must have had clearance to exercise from your GP.

Helping your baby's development

Babies experience travel in all directions and yoga inspired moves and stretches help to develop a sense of self, co-ordination and flexibility. 

We sing and rhyme our way through class helping to develop your baby’s language and sense of rhythm. 

The relaxation segment at the end of each class helps to calm babies and help them to sleep better

Time for you

Each week we set 45-60 minutes aside for tea, coffee and cake. A great opportunity to meet other parents and share experiences together over a hot cup of tea. 

Sensory Play and Making Friends

We end our classes with some sensory play that has a different theme each week. Babies will experience the weather, taking a trip to the moon, meeting a worm at the bottom of the garden and much more. 

Babies are encouraged to come onto the mat for sensory play so that they can spend some time getting to know each other. 

Course Dates and Booking



Starting Monday 25th February

10.30 – 11.15 – 12 weeks – crawling

11.30- 12.15 – 12 weeks – crawling



Starting Friday 1st March

9.30 – 10.15 – 5/6 months – 12 months

10.30 – 11.15 – 12 weeks –  crawling


If you are unsure of which course is best for you please email 

Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Yoga classes are suitable from 12 weeks until 12 months. If your baby is younger than 12 weeks then you may like to join a Baby Massage Course. 

Your baby will have needed to have had their 8 week health check before attending Baby Yoga. If you are unsure if your baby can attend baby yoga please ask your health care provider or email me. 

Our Baby Yoga classes are 45 minutes long. We find that this is the perfect length of time before babies become tired.

Our classes are typically 30-35 minutes of baby yoga and 10-15 minutes of sensory play and relaxation. 

Some younger babies don’t last the full 45 minute class and thats ok! You can take a break and have a cuddle. 

Babies cry! Its their way of communicating with us. I have two children myself and am very used to crying. If your baby cries then take a break and settle or feed them and join in again when you feel ready. 

Our classes are baby led and there is no pressure to join in with the classes. Yoga is a two way thing and if your baby doesn’t want to join in today you can just sit and watch with baby or join in with one of our demo dolls if your baby is sleeping. 

You just need to bring you, baby and a muslin or blanket for your baby to lie on. 

We sit on the floor during class and although yoga mats are provided you are welcome to bring a cushion to sit on. 

If your baby is feeling unwell then they probably wont enjoy coming to class. Please don’t bring your baby to class if they are contagious, have a fever or have had immunisations in the past 24 hours. 

If your baby has a minor sniffle and is otherwise feeling well then its ok to bring them to class. 

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