Gentle Sleep Support

Holistic Family centred care for children from 4 months - 2 years

The first 2 years of a child’s life are so important. The skills and relationships that they build in this time lay the foundations for the rest of their life. Sleep is really important for babies. Growth hormones are released when we sleep, memories are consolidated, stress hormones are lowered and it helps to keep our metabolism and thermostat on track. A well rested baby will grow and develop into happy child. 

Although sleep is important I do not believe in leaving a baby to cry using any crying or check out methods. I also think its important to be realistic in our expectations in infant sleep. Many babies will not sleep 12 hours at night without a need for comfort, nutrition or thirst. I do understand that a baby waking hourly at night isn’t sustainable for parent or baby and there are some gentle methods that we can use to help. 

I want parents to know that there is another option. I want to you feel empowered and confident in creating good sleep habits for life and without any tears from you or your child. 

If you would like to talk more about how I can help you and your baby to sleep email me

Kayleigh x

"I now feel more knowledgeable about sleep and empowered to create a fantastic sleep relationship"

We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from Kayleigh and since implementing the routine and suggestions we saw a noticeable difference in just a couple of days - amazing! Our baby girl now self settles and sleeps through the night. Kayleigh had really listened to our concerns and the information she provided made total sense. I now feel more knowledgable about sleep and empowered the to create a fantastic sleep relationship for our 5.5 month old girl.


2 weeks of sleep consultancy costs £100 and 4 weeks costs £150. This includes a personalised comprehensive sleep plan,  and as many follow up calls and emails as you need. 

We start with an initial call or email to discuss your baby’s sleep and for you to ask me any questions. If you would then like to go ahead you complete a sleep log and questionnaire. This helps me to build up a bigger picture of your baby’s patterns, and understand your family. You will then receive a personalised sleep plan from me. This sleep plan will give an overview of your baby’s sleep, suggestions and some sample routines. Once you have received your sleep plan your 2-4 weeks sleep support starts and you are free to ask me questions as and when you need. 

If you would like to have a chat about how I can help with your baby’s sleep please email me 

"Kayleigh is also quick at responding to my queries and so knowledgeable in all areas of baby development, not only in sleep."

Kayleigh helped us when our little boy, Edward, was waking 12 times plus a night. I was absolutely exhausted; sleep deprivation is tough!  
 He was also a bad napper and would only take them in his bouncer which he was close to outgrowing. With her help, he is now taking his naps in his cot (or pram) and for longer than half an hour, which has made such a big difference to his mood in the daytime. He’s so much happier.  
 He is now waking much less, 5 times on a bad night which is a significant improvement to the 12 times it used to be. I’m still implementing the guidance Kayleigh has given us so looking forward to this improving further in the coming weeks.  
 Kayleigh is also quick at responding to my queries and so knowledgeable in all areas of baby development, not only in sleep.  
 I can’t thank Kayleigh enough for all her help she’s given us. I would recommend her to any parent having sleep issues in a heart beat.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Argh the million dollar question. I really don’t know. It is very common for babies to wake in the night for some nutrition until their first birthday and sometimes beyond. If you are committed to following the plan and making the gentle changes then you will see improvements in your baby’s sleep within 4 weeks. 

Babies cry when they are tired, cold, hungry and for many other reasons. I cannot guarantee that your baby won’t cry at all but I can guarantee that I will never ask you to place a crying baby down and walk away for even a second. All of the strategies that I use involve minimal distress for both parent and baby

When you decide to choose me as your sleep consultant  you will get an email from me welcoming you. I  will offer you an initial conversation either by phone or email.  

You will be sent a sleep questionnaire and a sleep log. The questionnaire helps me to understand your family a little better and what your goals are regarding your baby’s sleep. The log helps me to understand your baby’s sleep patterns. I will ask you to keep a sleep log for 3-5 days. 

Once I have received your sleep log I will create your personalised sleep plan. This is completely unique to your family and can take up to 5 working days to reach you. 

 You will have as much contact with me as you need over the next 4 weeks. The 4 weeks starts from the day you receive your sleep plan. Please note that my response to emails may take up to 48 hours. 

Unfortunately not. I use very gentle methods and cannot guarantee that your baby will sleep through. The packages are for my time and support and are not outcome based. If you have been following the sleep plan and your baby’s sleep hasn’t improved then I may continue to support you for a period of time. This is at my sole discretion. 

"Kayleigh helped me with a daily sleep schedule which was easy to follow and packed with ideas of changes I could make"

Kayleigh kindly helped me with a sleep coaching programme for my little boy Jack. He was 4 months old at the time we started the programme and is now just shy of 6 months. The changes that we have implemented over the last 6 weeks or so have really improved our routine during the day which has also had a positive impact on our bedtime routine and Jack’s sleeping patterns. My days always started well with the morning nap but as the day went on it unravelled by the time Daddy came home from work. Kayleigh helped me with a daily sleep schedule which was easy to follow and packed with suggestions of changes I could make. Jack now has 3 routine naps in the daytime, a set bedtime routine and sleeps through the night. He has responded to the changes we have made really well and is such a happy boy as a result. Kayleigh has also checked-in with us every week to offer her support and guidance on any changes we are experiencing in the week, which is great. This whole programme has been a game-changer for us, Kayleigh is fantastic to work with and you always feel she’s listening and providing you with relevant and bespoke advice to help you and your baby. I would highly recommend Kayleigh’s sleep coaching programme, it will set you and your baby up for many months of happy sleeping. Thanks so much Kayleigh
hannah and jack

If you would like to go ahead with a Gentle Sleep Plan or if you would like some more information please email me

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