Developmental baby Massage

6 week baby massage course that takes you through a full body massage routine for your baby. Our baby massage classes include top tips for sleep, easing tummy troubles, and a gentle introduction to tummy time. Meet other mums and share experiences over a coffee and a large slice of cake after class. 

A lovely bonding experience and a great first class for you and your baby. 

Classes are suitable from 4 weeks – crawling

Baby Massage Classes are held in Walton-on-Thames and Chertsey, Surrey

Booking is now open for February/March courses

"Rupert really loved coming to the class and I believe it helped with all his different stages of development"

I started baby massage with Kayleigh when Rupert was 6weeks old, he is now 7months and we have enjoyed every session. Rupert really loved coming to the class and I believe it helped with all his different stages of development - from tummy time, to seating, to tummy issues and general behaviour. It has been super relaxing for both Rupert and myself, a great environment, lovely friends and of course YUMMY cake. I would recommend the baby massage to everyone and still do a little bit with Rupert every night after bath time.

Bonding with your baby

Babies first language is touch. Through positive touch and massage we can communicate and bond with our babies. 

Over the 6 week course you and baby will learn a massage routine to help connect and relax you both.

Our baby massage classes are baby led and are never rushed giving you some precious time with your baby.  

A different theme each week

As well as covering a full body massage routine we cover different themes each week.

We cover sleep, tummy time, story massage, tummy troubles, reflexology, teething and lots more. 

Everything we do is designed to support your growing baby’s development in a gentle and nurturing way. 

Sensory play and making friends

Over the 6 week course we will explore some sensory play through instruments, colourful scarves, our star blanket and our parachute. We encourage babies to come onto our rug for sensory play so that they can spend some time getting to know each other

Time for you

All of our venues have coffee shops attached to them and we reserve an area for you after class to take some time for yourself, enjoy slice of cake or a coffee and get to know other parents. 

The coffee shops have plenty of space for pushchairs and are breastfeeding friendly.

Course Dates and Booking


Walton on Thames

6 week course starting Monday 25th February 12.30 – 1.15pm



5 week course starting Friday 1st March 11.30 – 12.15pm. 


If you are unsure of whether to book Baby Massage or Baby Yoga please email me at and we can work together to see which class would be best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Massage classes are suitable from birth until your baby is crawling. I do find that babies tend to enjoy the class more from 4 weeks of age when they are less sleepy. 

If your baby is on the move and you would still like to come to class that is absolutely fine. Most of the massage routine is done with babies laying down but we can make adaptions and we have plenty of toys. We also have Baby Yoga classes we are fantastic for older babies. 

Your baby doesn’t need to have their 8 week health check to attend our classes. Everything that we do is very gentle and suitable from birth. If you have any concerns about your baby’s ability to be able to join a Baby Massage class we suggest that you speak to your health care provider. 

Our Baby Massage classes are 45 minutes long. We find that this is the perfect length of time before babies become tired. 

Some younger babies don’t last the full 45 minute class and thats ok! You can take a break and have a cuddle. 

During the 45 minutes we cover massage, relaxation techniques for adults, reflexology, stories, some songs and sensory play. Each week is varied whilst following a familiar routine, allowing you and your baby to really relax. 

Babies cry! Its their way of communicating with us. I have two children myself and am very used to crying. If your baby cries then take a break and settle or feed them and join in again when you feel ready. 

Our classes are baby led and there is no pressure to join in with the classes. Massage is a two way thing and if your baby doesn’t want to be massaged today you can just sit and watch with baby or join in with one of our demo dolls if your baby is sleeping. 

You just need to bring you, baby and a muslin or blanket for your baby to lie on. 

We provide you with your own bottle of cold pressed organic sunflower oil and mats for your baby to lie on. 

We sit on the floor during class and although yoga mats are provided you are welcome to bring a cushion to sit on. 

If your baby is feeling unwell then they probably wont enjoy coming to class. Please don’t bring your baby to class if they are contagious, have a fever or have had immunisations in the past 24 hours. 

If your baby has a minor sniffle and is otherwise feeling well then its ok to bring them to class. 

Our venues