Baby Massage Classes

My baby massage classes are a wonderful, nurturing experience for both you and your baby, and also offers a unique way for you to communicate with your child through positive touch

Our routine of Swedish and Indian massage techniques, combined with Chinese reflexology and traditional yoga influences, is deeply relaxing and designed to aid improved sleep for your baby, and aims to teach you many empowering ways you can soothe any baby ailments such as colic and teething, encourage deeper bonding for you and baby, and improve any nap or sleep problems you may be experiencing.

I offer 2 different baby massage classes. Our full Nurture Hatchlings Course and our Love Foundations Pay as you go weekly baby massage classes. 

 Baby Massage is suitable from 6 weeks of age and you can attend a baby massage class up until your baby starts to crawl.

The Classes

I offer 2 different Baby Massage classes. Our Love Foundations Baby Massage classes are 45 minutes in length. They are bookable on a pay as you go basis and each week I will teach you how to safely and confidently massage a different part of your baby’s body. Baby Massage oil isn’t included but you are welcome to purchase a bottle of oil from us if you wish or you can bring your own. 

Our Hatchlings Nurture, Support and Baby Massage classes are 1.5 hours in length and are there to provide you with support and advice as in addition to your baby massage class. All babies receive a lovely tote bag and a personalised hooded towel and mums receive a drink and something to eat after class. You can find out more about our Hatchlings course here

Love Foundations Baby Massage Baby Massage Pay as you go classes
Each Class is 45 minutes in length.
Each week you will learn to safely and confidently massage a different part of your baby’s body. 

Baby Massage oil and handouts are available to purchase. 

The price per class is £10.00

The Hatchlings Course is a 6 week course.
Each class lasts 90 minutes.
You will also learn a full body massage routine but we will separate each week into a focus area rather than a body area. One week we cover massage for colds and congestion which includes the face, back and chest.
The massage element of the class is around 45 minutes. The second 45 minutes I provide some more information on this weeks focus, teething, sleep, colic, colds etc. There will also be a chance for parents to have a drink and a snack and chat to other parents.
A 50ml of organic Tiddley Pom oil is included and parents receive electronic handouts each week as well as a laminated handout at the end.
Babies receive a personalised embodied hooded towel, tote bag and teether toy. Mums also get to make a teething necklace (all materials included). 
Group sizes are a maximum of 8 and parents are invited to join their groups whatsapp group.

The price for a 6 week course is £82.50

"Rupert really loved coming to the class and I believe it helped with all his different stages of development"

I started baby massage with Kayleigh when Rupert was 6weeks old, he is now 7months and we have enjoyed every session. Rupert really loved coming to the class and I believe it helped with all his different stages of development - from tummy time, to seating, to tummy issues and general behaviour. It has been super relaxing for both Rupert and myself, a great environment, lovely friends. I would recommend the baby massage to everyone and still do a little bit with Rupert every night after bath time.

When and Where

All of our classes are held from our own premises right next to Hersham Station. 

Baby Massage Love Foundation classes are on Monday’s at 1.15pm and Hatchlings Nurture and Support classes are on Thursdays at 10.30am.

Here is a leg massage routine for you to try at home

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