For mums

For Mums

Because you are important too.

Becoming a mum is one of the toughest things you’ll do. Its a 24 hour job with little downtime and you put someone else’s every need before your own. 

It’s also a train on the job position. You learn as you go, often second guessing yourself. 

When I created the Nurtured Nest it was initially as an Antenatal teacher. I wanted mums to feel empowered and supported. Although my focus has now shifted to baby classes my passion hasn’t changed. I want every mum who comes to a class or workshop with me to feel confident, empowered and supported. I want you to be able to come to class on a hard day knowing that there will be support available to you. It’s also a place where we can celebrate highs and new milestones together. 

With this in mind I have created a couple of mini retreats. Mum and baby Retreats where you bring your baby and mum only retreats which focus completely on you and pure relaxation. 

I also hold a monthly free Mum and Baby Nurture Group. These are informal groups that give you a safe and welcome space to meet other mums, share experiences and play with your baby. 

Kayleigh x

Mum and Baby Mini Retreats

Mum and Baby Retreats are designed with you and your baby at the centre. Putting you and your baby in a wonderful bubble of love. Our mum and baby retreats include Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, relaxation for mums, journalling and a mini hand or foot massage for mums. 

Mums Only Mini Retreat

Our mums only mini retreats give you some much needed time to recharge and nourish yourself. Using the HypnoMothering method mums will learn some fantastic ways to help manage the overwhelm and stresses of motherhood. 

Mums will also enjoy some journalling, time to chat to other mums and they can also choose from a mini hand or foot massage. 

More information coming soon!

Mum and Baby Nurture Free Monthly Group

These groups are completely free and are open to anyone. They are informal and give you a safe and welcome space to meet other mums, share experiences and play with your baby. Although groups are free, spaces are limited. You can find out details of our next Mum and Baby Nurture Group on our booking page. 

When women support each other amazing things happen

I am so proud of the wonderful community that we have at The Nurtured Nest and really do believe that motherhood is easier when we support each other. The Nurtured Nest is for everyone and if there is a blocker to you coming to class please get in contact by emailing me and I will see what I can do. 

Sponsor a space

Maternity leave and maternity pay can make things feel a bit stretched financially. Some mums may want to attend a baby massage or baby yoga course but may not have the financial means. Those who book onto a course will have the option to purchase a ticket which includes a small sponsorship (between 50p and £2.50). All money raised will be matched by the Nurtured Nest and when the value of a course has been reached I will contact local Health Visitors, Midwives and Children’s Centres and offer a course space to someone who may benefit from it. If you would like to join us for a course but cannot afford the cost please contact me. All sponsored spaces will be offered discretely.  

Little bags of love for mums

Being a mum is hard work and sometimes we could do with a little pick me up to let us know that someone is thinking of us and that we are appreciated. Little bags of love will be available to mums in class who are having a hard day/week and need a little pick me up. You can collect one on your way out, I may surprise you with one or you can nominate someone either in class or someone who isn’t a member of The Nurtured Nest to receive one. 

In order to be able to provide mums with these lovely bags I will be taking donations of the following items

Chocolates and sweets

Individual tea bags, coffee sachets and hot chocolate shots

Small toiletries

I would be extremely grateful of any donations received. Please bring any donations to class with you or you can email me to arrange drop off/collection.