Postnatal Classes

Being a new num can be incredibly tough and it can be hard to find some time for you. We offer postnatal pilates classes where you can bring your baby and evening mama relax classes just for mums. 

Postnatal Pilates

Meet other mums, feel better, release tension, strengthen your pelvic floor and your abdominal muscles, strengthen your back muscles to help support your spine, release tension in your shoulders, hips and lower back. Those endorphins will lift your mood. Pilates is a safe way to resume exercise after giving birth. Time to recharge, time for you and… Your baby can come too.

Postnatal Pilates is suitable from after you’ve had your 6 week postnatal check. 

All classes run from our own venue next to Hersham Train Station. Classes are on Tuesdays from 1.30-2.30pm.

Pay as you go classes are £13.50 each or you can book a 4 class pass for