Our Top 5 sensory toys for babies - The Nurtured Nest

When you first have a baby the choice of toys on the market can be overwhelming. Here are my top 5 sensory toys for babies that will provide hours of entertainment as well has helping babies development. Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the products shown.

Muscal Instruments

There are so many different choices out there, from shakers, drums to bells and much more.

Musical instruments not only help to develop your babies hearing but they also teach cause and affect, improve motor skills and as your baby gets older can be a used as a great game to teach babies about stop and go. 

Light shakers with small handles are great for small hands whilst older babies will enjoy banging on a drum or shaking a heavier instrument. 

juggling scarves

We love juggling scarves in our Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Classes. 

Throw them in the air and let your baby watch them fall, give your baby a tickle with them, play peekabo, or teach colours. 

The reason I really like these is because they are safe for babies to chew and can be easily washed in the machine afterwards. 


baby safe mirrors

Babies love faces. They like to analyse your face from birth, and mimick your expressions as they get older. 

Did you know that babies don’t recognise the cute baby in the mirror as them until around 8 months old. 

Until that age your baby will just enjoy smiling and babbling away to the baby in the mirror.

Sensory balls

Sensory balls are such great fun and grow with your child.

They make a great tactile toy for young babies as they explore the different textures.

As their co-ordination develops they can be used for passing back from one hand to another, rolling and eventually throwing. 

Babies can also enjoy posting balls down tubes or down ramps. 


One thing I’ve noticed in my Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes is that babies seem to love lights!

Light projectors can both stimulate and soothe your baby. Fast moving coloured lights are great for stimulation. If you are going to use these baby will probably only enjoy them for a few minutes before becoming over stimulated. 

Slow moving gentle lights can be great at soothing babies. We sometimes end class with a soothing water projector. 

Moving lights can help to aid your babies visual development as their eyes track the moving lights.