MummyNatal Birth Story - Kayleigh on the Birth of Jacob

A speedy water birth at the Midwife led unit

After being highly anxious about having to be induced with my son like I was with my daughter 3 years ago, he decided to make a speedy appearance in our lives 2 days after my due date. 

I was not prepared, in fact I would go as far as to say I was in denial that I was in labour — I mean I went shopping after calling the midwives adamant that it was going to be the long haul of labour. How wrong I was!!

My contractions started at around 8.30am on the Saturday morning. I thought they were Braxton Hicks and didn’t want to bother the midwives but when they weren’t easing and becoming more regular I called the birthing centre. They said to keep track and to come in when they got stronger or closer together. I really thought it would be a long process so I said to my husband that we should pop into town to get a few bits before heading to the hospital. 

By 10.45am I knew I was in labour and that we should probably get home and head to the hospital. I was lucky enough to be able to head to the birthing centre this time so I was looking forward to a calm & relaxing space to give birth. 
By the time we got in the car the pain was quite intense and I remember thinking (and shouting) – shouldn’t there be a rest period, I am sure there is suppose to be a rest between contractions. It turns out my contractions came in 2! 2 contractions on top of each other and then a rest. 

We arrived at the birthing centre around 11.55am & I just about made it to the examination room where I was told I was 9cm and the baby was making his arrival very soon. They asked if I wanted the pool and they just about got it filled when my waters broke at 12.10pm. The pain was intense at this point but once I got in the water and was able to be on all fours it was much more manageable (in my head). 
The only people in the room were myself, my husband and 2 midwives who were amazing. They supported but not pushed me and gave me guidance on what I needed to do on the next push. I was able to listen to my body and put into practice the counting we learnt in Kayleigh’s class. 

By 12.35pm our little boy was born, in water, healthy and looking the spit of his big sister. 
I didn’t plan on a water birth, it wasn’t until the end of the pregnancy that I even considered using a birth pool, but I was so happy I did and that I was able to have such a natural birth (my first was far from this adventure). 
By the time my Mother-in-Law had called to say she was back at our flat trying to find the notes I thought I had left at home, I was out of the pool having some skin on skin with my son. 
For the rest of the afternoon I think I was in shock. I couldn’t believe he was here, and that I was able to go and have a shower by myself so soon after the birth. We made the most of the afternoon in the birthing centre, calm, relaxed and snacking before we got the all clear to head home. By 8.30pm we were home, 12 hours after my contractions started we were home with our baby ready to start life as a family of 4!


I sit here now with Jacob on my lap, almost 6 weeks after the birth, thinking about the experience and how lucky I am to of experienced a “straight forward” birth in comparison to my first. My anxiety was unfounded, the techniques and knowledge that Kayleigh empowered me with helped me have a birth that I had hoped for – abeit a little quicker than I imagined.