MummyNatal Birth Story - Hannah on the birth of Evelyn

A Home Birth 

On Tuesday 14th March at 18:14 I welcomed my third baby into the world.

A girl, we have named Evelyn was born at home, in our front room into a birthing pool we had hired, weighing 8lb 5oz, and I am able to look back on the experience and not only be proud of myself, but also know how amazing it was.

I had attended one full course (Jan/Feb) and a couple of additional sessions of the MummyNatal course with Kayleigh at The Nurtured Nest.

The course provided me with time that was dedicated to this pregnancy away from busy home life and allowed me the time to connect with my baby, and focus on what I wanted for this labour and birth.

The mindful breathing techniques and the reminder of the power of mind body connection were invaluable tools during my labour.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning I woke having tightenings and I had decided that I didn’t want to get caught up in timing things, so just pottered around the house, relaxed over the back of the sofa and used breathing techniques learnt at Mummynatal.

We my mum and partner joined me at about 5:30am, I told them that I thought I was probably in early labour and tightenings felt like they were lasting 10-20 seconds and coming every 12 ish minutes but that I hadn’t timed them.

They decided to secretly time me to get an idea of when to call the midwife. We discovered that in reality they were lasting almost a minute each time and were coming between 4-6 minutes.

I believe that the breathing techniques really helped with this as I was able to rest and relax so much in between that I wasn’t feeling the beginning and end of the tightenings. I used a few different breathing techniques at different stages.

In the last stages of labour before my waters broke, I found that the mini body scan was really helping as the tightenings had intensified and I was starting to hold tension in my face and shoulders. Being able to do the scan allowed me to really focus on relaxing each part of my body including my
Tummy, pelvis and bum, and after a few times of doing this my waters went pop…..

I knew that this meant baby would soon be on her way. With previous births it had been 13 minutes and 23 minutes respectively between waters breaking and baby delivering, so after a few more tightenings I decided to get into the pool.

The MW called for a 2nd midwife to attend, and I was asked if a student could also come. I was happy for this and continued to breath through the tightenings. I wasn’t having the urge to push as with previous births and I began to question why and if it meant something was wrong.

From attending the Mummynatal course, I was able to realise quickly that this was just a negative thought, and that there was nothing wrong, and my body and baby knew what it was doing.

Being aware of the mind body connection enabled me to realise that the walking from the kitchen to the pool, hearing the conversation on phone, being asked questions or knowing people were on there way could have all slowed things down while my body assessed what was happening.

I was able to leave these thoughts, and push to one side and really focus back on my breath and breathing techniques. The midwives arrived, and I felt the urge to begin pushing. I had already decided that I didn’t want to be guided and instead would follow my body.

At this point I asked for some gas and air, as felt like I needed something extra to really help relax me. After a couple of tightenings using it, I heard the midwife say she could see her head coming down. I put my hand down, and continued to listen to my body. I felt her head being born, and shortly after her body delivered and I caught her and brought her up to my chest for skin to skin.

My total 2nd stage was timed at 24 minutes.

We stayed in the pool for delayed cord clamping and first feed, and then I got out to deliver the placenta.

All in all it was an amazing experience, I feel very lucky, and we are all completely head over heels in love with her.