MummyNatal birth story - Hannah on the Birth of Alexander

An Emergency Caesarean

Hi Kayleigh, not sure where to start…I’ve had the baby! No name yet we are still deciding. He was born this morning at 7.23am weighing 8lb 2oz by c-section.
I did so well to begin with. I started having contractions at about 3am on Tuesday morning, however they were in my back as he was not in the right position and I was having them quite regularly. I stayed at home for a few hours, on my exercise ball, put candles on and had a bath etc. I phoned the hospital who said to come in to check and I was 3-4cm dilated. So they moved me to the labour ward and I had the most amazing midwife Bethany who having read my birth plan said how she was all about the natural ways of giving birth etc and had natural births. She was definitely all onboard with the tools and techniques that you had taught me and I told her all about you. For about 16 hours I used gas and air, focusing on my breathing and visualisation, meditation etc and so many of the tools you had taught me including saying my mantras etc, I was very calm and focussed. Bethany and Ash were giving me massages too which helped loads. My contractions were getting more painful and I hadn’t dilated as much as they would have liked so I asked if I could have some pain relief, I asked for an epidural and Bethany could see that it was the right decision as despite doing everything I could, focusing on my breathing not lying in bed, walking around and on my exercise ball. 
I had the epidural and felt really good. Bethany’s shift finished and she left so I had another midwife who was really lovely but wasn’t as hands on as Bethany. I started getting really bad back ache as the baby was lying on my nerves in my back and once again I was dilating really slowly but doing everything I could and also being told that I was doing really well, all the midwives were being very positive but I think they were being a bit too positive and I picked up on a few things when they were speaking to colleagues etc that I wasn’t  getting very far. The next midwife arrived and again she was very lovely, I was getting really tired and hungry by now but finally after probably over 24 hours I was 10cm I started to push but because of the epidural and the pain in my back which was getting worse I wasn’t getting very far and finding it difficult to push and they had also given me the hormone drip which I was fine with as they explained it to me. So after about an hour of pushing and not getting anywhere but the midwife saying I was doing brilliantly the doctor who had been monitoring me as well said they would try forceps etc so we went to the theatre and they couldn’t do it and that’s when I had a c-section it went really well and I was really pleased. 
Throughout the 30 hours I felt very positive and all the midwives including the doctors and the other healthcare providers were great, went through everything with me and I felt I was listened too and they gave me reasons why they were doing things. I feel like despite my birth plan not going to plan I had a very positive labour and I really think that it was down to you teaching me all the tools and techniques and making me feel empowered so I just wanted to say thank you so much! As I know I wouldn’t have had a positive birth experience if I hadn’t gone to your classes. Thank you so much for all your advice too, it’s been so helpful throughout my pregnancy and it’s such a shame I won’t be able to go to your classes anymore. 
About an hour after the baby was born I started breastfeeding and so far so good again I think because I have been using my breathing techniques and not getting stressed and staying relaxed.
Hopefully once I’m up and running I will be coming to your baby yoga and massages classes xx