MummyNatal Birth Story – Becs and Ethan

Becs on the birth of Ethan. A water birth at a birthing centre

Effectively, it all happened really quickly for me. I lost my plug at 2am and by 6am was having hard and fast contractions. The birth centre told me to stay home, but I listened to my instincts (like you told us too!) and by the time I arrived there at 8:15 I was 10cm dialled and ready to go!!

Most of the preparation I did went out of the window due to the speed of the labour, but knowing I had a sound track, nice home comforts, electric candles and birth affirmations all packed in my bag all empowered me and meant that I knew exactly what I wanted in all situations. We didn’t have time to put on the sound track or light the candles, but the one most simple trick you gave us got me through all that time – Concentrate on your breathing.
I quickly worked out that each contraction lasted five deep breaths. The first and last were bearable, in between that they were super intense. Knowing that there would only be three and that they would last no more than 60 seconds got me through each one – getting me closer to meeting my baby.
I gave birth to Ethan at 10:18 in the birth pool (as per my birth plan) with the help of some gas and air and a midwife that followed my guidelines. More than anything else, you taught me to be assertive and to know what I wanted. When we arrived I think the team could see that I had done my research and so were happy to go with my plan.
You may remember in class I really liked the tree visualisation. I made my fiancé learn a similar script and he was all ready to prompt me until I told him not to talk to me!! 🙈 As a thank you present after birth he bought me a necklace which is engraved with the part of the verse I found most useful. We now really laugh about that part of the story!!
That’s a bit jumbled and I’m happy to give you any more details, but mostly I’d like to say thank you for helping me to deliver my healthy baby boy completely naturally and in the way I had envisaged. He weighed 7lb 1pz and is a little dream boat – even if I am biased 😂
 Thanks again and looking forward to massage!

Becs xx


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