Learn, Stretch and Play

Movement to music classes for little ones from 6-18 months

Climb aboard the Little Magic Train as we are transported on an adventure. 

Learn, Stretch and Play is a unique class that gets babies and their grown ups dancing, moving and being creative. Each term follows a new story set to wonderful music. 

Babies get to move and dance to a wide range of music including, rock, opera, jazz, soul and techno. We encourage creativity and self expression. 

Our classes have been carefully tailored to the needs of babies and newly mobile toddlers and help to improve, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. 

As well as being a movement to music class we cover all area’s of the EYFS helping to promote all areas of your babies development. Classes include, role play, mark making, songs and sensory play.  

The learning doesn’t end in class. We give you lots of ideas to continue the learning at home. 

Classes are held on Monday’s and Thursday’s in Walton on Thames. 

The story for our Autumn term is Meet the Bears. 

Why Learn, Stretch and Play?

Learn, Stretch and Play is a unique class designed for babies from 6-18 months. The class centres around the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and supports your baby in their growing independence. 

Communication and Language. 

Each term is set around a story. The story builds each week and babies are encouraged to join in with story telling, anticipate what happens next. Stories are told through music, rhymes and songs, creating a language rich environment for your baby to learn. Each term you will be given a list of books and songs that fit our theme and we encourage you to visit the library and sing with your baby. 

Physical Development.

We move and dance our way through each story helping to develop your babies sense of balance, coordination and strength. We stir a huuuge bowl or porridge helping to develop our core and arms, we practice our pincer grip as we pretend to be crabs and have lots of fun. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development. 

 We take turns, play together, talk about feelings, and help to build confidence.


We count how many ducks there are in the pond, see which bear is bigger and give your baby the opportunity to explore shape and space. 

Understanding the world

We talk about similarities and differences, discover the local environment and make observations and include some messy play. 

Expressive arts and design.

We express ourselves through dance and songs, babies also have the opportunity to express themselves through mark making through a range of mediums. 

The learning doesn't end in class

Each week you will receive information supporting you to enrich your child’s learning outside of class. From book and song ideas, healthy eating recipes, nature walks and games. I am here to support you to give your child the very best start. 

Class dates and times

Classes are held in Walton on Thames on Monday’s and Thursdays. The next terms start in September. 

Mondays in the Riverhouse Barn – 10.30am – 11.15am

Thursdays in Walton Methodist Church 10am – 10.45am

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn, Stretch and Play classes are suitable from 6 months or when your baby is crawling. If you baby crawls before 6 months they are welcome to join the class then. 

Classes are aimed at children up to 18 months. 

Please note that is is an accompanied class and parents must stay with their children at all times. 

Our Learn, Stretch and Play Classes are 45 minutes. 

If your child doesn’t want to join in with the class that absolutely fine. We would never force a child do so something that they don’t want to and understand that babies and toddlers have limited attention spans. 

If your child is feeling unwell then they probably wont enjoy coming to class. Please don’t bring your baby to class if they are contagious, have a fever or have had immunisations in the past 24 hours. 

If your child has a minor sniffle and is otherwise feeling well then its ok to bring them to class. 

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