Learn, Stretch and Play

Story based Yoga classes for little ones from 6 months - 3 years

6 Week Learn, Stretch and Play Course. Our learn stretch and play classes take children on an imaginative story yoga adventure. Each week we discover a new story through yoga, songs, and movement. Learn, Stretch and play is a fantastic class for little ones who are too mobile for baby yoga but aren’t quite old enough to follow a full pre school yoga class. 

Our Learn, Stretch and Play classes are suitable from 6 months until 3 years. 

Our Learn, Stretch and Play classes are held in Walton-on-Thames and Chertsey, Surrey.

Booking is now open for our January/February 2019 term. 

story based yoga classes

Each week we explore a different story through yoga and movement. From magic train rides, trips to space and bear hunts. 

We ignite both yours and your child’s imagination and take you somewhere new with every class. 

time to connect and have fun

Classes are lots of fun and give you some much needed time out to connect and have a giggle with your little one.

I know what its like to have a little one who doesn’t want to sit still and just wants to explore. Learn, Stretch and Play is very relaxed and your little one is free to explore the room as they wish with no pressure to join in. 

get the wiggles out

In each session we give little ones a chance to have some free play and get the wiggles out. We have crawl, tunnels, pop up tents, music for dancing and lots more. 

Your little one is encouraged to run, jump, dance play an get the wiggles out. 

yoga sequence

We follow the same gentle yoga sequence each week. Helping to familiarise your little one with the poses and gain confidence with them. Adults also benefit from gentle stretching. 


Its the end of the class and its time to wind down. Gentle Bubbles fill the air and soft music plays. Children can lie down, cuddle with a parent or move as they wish. 

Class dates and times

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn, Stretch and Play classes are suitable from 6 months or when your baby is crawling. If you baby crawls before 6 months they are welcome to join the class then. 

Classes are aimed at children up to age 3. If you have a child under school age who you think will enjoy the class you are happy to bring them.

Please note that is is an accompanied class and parents must stay with their children at all times. 

Our Learn, Stretch and Play Classes are 45 minutes. 

We keep them fast paced and dynamic to keep your child’s attention. 

If your child doesn’t want to join in with the class that absolutely fine. We would never force a child do so something that they don’t want to and understand that babies and toddlers have limited attention spans. 

If your child is feeling unwell then they probably wont enjoy coming to class. Please don’t bring your baby to class if they are contagious, have a fever or have had immunisations in the past 24 hours. 

If your child has a minor sniffle and is otherwise feeling well then its ok to bring them to class. 

Our venues