Weekend Workshops

Classes for families

Whilst dads are very welcome in the weekday Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes I know that it can be hard to make a class especially if you work Mon-Fri. 9-5. There are so many classes available to mums during the week to give them the time and space to bond with their baby, ask questions, and improve their confidence with parenting. I feel that this is really missing for dads and as a result they can end up feeling sidelined. 

During March I will be offering family workshops. These give parents the opportunity to attend a class together, have some wonderful family time and for dads to join in a class with their babies if they wish. 

Each booking is for up to 2 adults and one baby. Both parents can choose to join in the class if they wish or if just one parent wants to join in i will provide tea and biscuits for those wishing to watch. Grandparents and other adult family members are welcome to come in and watch the class but due to space only 2 adults will be able to join in the class with baby. 

If you have any questions at all about these workshops you can send me an email anytime to kayleigh@thenurturednest.co.uk and I will get back to you asap.  

Family - Sleep Baby Massage Workshop

Saturday 9th March 2019 - 10.30 - 11.15

Sleep!!! Or lack of sleep is the most talked about topic with new parents. During this workshop we will cover a massage routine to help your baby fall into a deep restful sleep. I am also a baby sleep consultant and will be sharing my knowledge on baby sleep and building a healthy bedtime routine.

Massaging your baby at the end of the day can be a wonderful bonding time for both parent and baby. Massaging your baby helps to reduce stress hormones in both parent and baby which can be great if you have had a busy day yourself.

  • Bedtime massage routine to help your baby fall into a restful sleep
  • Learn some tips on building a bedtime routine
  • Bond with your baby
  • Meet other local parents

Suitable for babies from 4 weeks – crawling. £12.50 for 2 adults and one baby. Book 2 workshops for £22.50. Includes a bottle of cold pressed organic sunflower oil. Classes are held in Walton Methodist Church KT12 2SR

Family - Playtime Baby Yoga Workshop

Saturday 16th March 2019 10.30 - 11.15

It can be hard to know how to play with a small baby, especially before they are able to sit and reach out and grab for things. During our Baby Yoga workshop we will look at fun ways that you can play with your baby, understand their development and gain more confidence with holding them. 

Babies absolutely love yoga, we go upside down, round and around, fly like rockets on mummy and daddy’s legs and experience travel in all directions. 

Through gentle stretches, movement and travel we help to improve babies strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. 

This is a yoga workshop for babies and not for parents. No experience necessary and no lycra needed.  

  • Fun developmental Baby Yoga class. Your baby will experience travel in all different directions.
  • Themed sensory play session with top tips on playing with your baby at home
  • Bond with your baby
  • Meet other local parents

Suitable for babies from 12 weeks – walking. £12.50 for 2 parents and a  baby. Book 2 workshops for £22.50.

MummyNatal Birth Preparation Course

6 Week Birth Preparation Courses for mums to be. Giving you the tools needed for a calm and confident birth

Baby Massage

6 Week Baby Massage Course. A perfect first class for you and your baby. Learn a massage routine to help soothe and relax your baby. and aid bonding. Suitable from 4 weeks until crawling

Baby Yoga

6 Week Baby Yoga Course. Our Baby Yoga classes engage babies senses through movement, song and sensory play. Adults benefit from gentle stretching, breath work and relaxation. Suitable from 12 weeks until crawling