MummyNatal 6 week birth preparation course

Birth preparation course consists of 6 weekly relaxing antenatal classes for mums to be. Giving you the tools needed for a calm and confident birth and empowering you to make the right decisions for you and your baby. Everyone is different, so our ethos is based around choice…

Antenatal Classes are held on Thursday evenings in Walton on Thames. 

You can book both a MummyNatal and a Baby Massage class at the same time for a reduced price

"I managed to apply the breathing suggestions, to focus and stay calm throughout my labour".

I completed the 6 week birth preparation course with Kayleigh in April, and continued until our baby boy arrived. I would 100% recommend it to expectant mums. I'm not a person who can easily relax and have never meditated or practiced any sort of relaxation techniques before and surprisingly I managed apply the breathing suggestions, to focus and stay calm throughout my labour. This was my second baby and my husband even commented about how well I'd managed compared to my first labour. Very glad I did it!

Prepare For The Birth YOU Want

MummyNatal doesn’t teach the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to give birth, just finding your own way – what’s right for you. This means that rather than teaching specific techniques to use in labour at certain points, or teaching the way that labour ‘should’ be, we support mums-to-be to tune into what your birth experience is, focusing simply on the present moment and finding confidence and acceptance.

What is unique about MummyNatal Antenatal classes is that they are designed to encourage women to trust themselves and listen to what they need to do, as every birth is individual. Women can feel that they have ‘failed’ if their birth is not a quiet serene birth, if they didn’t use specific techniques which they had been taught, or if they didn’t have a specific outcome.

Every birth is individual and we help demystify the process and options, building mums’ confidence and helping them find their own way to a positive birth experience.


An hour a week dedicated to just you and your pregnancy

Our lives are often busy and hours, roll into days that roll into weeks and before we know it 40 weeks of pregnancy have zoomed by. 

Our weekly MummyNatal antenatal classes give you the perfect opportunity to take some time out and just focus on you and your pregnancy. 

A relaxing experience

We have a tranquil studio in Walton on Thames. Dim lighting, aromatherapy, and the MummyNatal sound track make the perfect setting for our  antenatal classes. 

Each week you are gently guided through breathing practices, meditations and relaxations to ensure that you leave class feeling completely relaxed. 

Birth Ball Movements for labour and birth

We have a birth ball segment in each class. We guide you through gentle movements to help ease any pregnancy niggles. We help to encourage baby into the optimum position for birth as well as looking at how birth balls can be used during labour and birth. 

Mindfulness Inspired Techniques For Pregnancy, Labour And Birth

Each week we explore mindfulness through our mindful breathing practice, mediation and visualisation. 

We support you and give you the space and time to find out what works for you. 

There is no right or wrong way to give birth!

Birth Education

We have a birth talk segment of our classes. This is kept really informal and relaxed.

Each week follows a different theme and also allows some time for you to ask any questions you may have. 

I am also available to mums via phone and email if they have questions that they would prefer not to ask in class. 

Meeting like minded mums in your area

Our antenatal classes are a great opportunity to meet other mums in your area. A MummyNatal course runs over 6 weeks, giving you lots of time to get to know each other. 

Lots of our mums remain friends and meet for coffee and come to our Developmental Baby Massage classes together.

Book a course

MummyNatal Antenatal Classes are held on Thursday evenings in Walton-on-Thames.

Class times are from 7.45-9pm

To Book a course please click pay now. You will be redirected to our BookWhen page. For offline bookings please email

You will receive a personal booking confirmation within 48 hours of booking your course

Course Dates

25th October – 29th November 2018 (COURSE FULL)

6th December – 17th January 2019 (No Class on the 27th December)

24th January – 28th February 2019

7th March – 18th April 2019 (no class 21st March)

25th April – 30th May 2019


Interested in both a MummyNatal and a Baby Massage course?

If you would like to attend both a MummyNatal Birth Preparation course and a Baby Massage course with us you can book both together for £100 saving you £27.50 compared to if you booked the courses individually. To book please select the MummyNatal term you would like to attend and then choose the combined ticket. Once booked on you will be emailed a code to use against your Baby Massage Course. The code lasts for 12 months and you can email me if you would like an extension. 

You are more than welcome to book onto a no obligation trial. Just come along and see if you enjoy the class. Absolutely no commitment to sign up for the rest of the course if you don’t feel that its right for you. Free Trial Classes are held on the first class of each term.

MummyNatal Birth Stories

Click on the photos below to read each mums birth story.  Every mum has attended a MummyNatal Antenatal course with me in Walton-on-Thames and their stories are in their own words

Kayleigh on the birth of her second son Jacob. A speedy water birth at the local midwife led unit.

Lindsay on the birth of her second baby Joni. An elective cesarean

Hannah on the birth of her 3rd baby Evelyn. A water birth at home

Katy on the birth of her first baby Skyla. A water Birth at a midwife led unit

Hannah on the birth of her first baby Alexander. An emergency caesarean

Kayleigh on the birth of her second baby Cora. A water birth a home

Ellie on the Birth of Emily. A water birth at a Birthing Centre

Becs on the birth of Ethan. A water birth at a birthing centre.